EBV Elektronik announces strategic cooperation with Infineon to deliver cutting-edge silicon carbide technologies

Poing, Germany, 15th June 2021 – EBV Elektronik, an Avnet company (NASDAQ: AVT), today announced it is working closely with Infineon on the manufacturer’s leading-edge silicon carbide (SiC) based CoolSiC™ technology, which delivers key benefits for engineers designing advanced power systems across a wide selection of market sectors and applications. Infineon and EBV will cooperate over the next year and beyond to accelerate the deployment of energy-efficient power devices with CoolSiCTM technologies.

There is strong global demand for improved, smaller and more cost-effective power conversion systems, especially for the fast-growing market for electric vehicles. Silicon carbide delivers many important advantages over the traditional use of silicon, including higher voltage operation, wider operating temperature ranges and higher switching frequencies. Infineon’s CoolSiCTM technology builds upon these inherent advantages of the semiconductor material to deliver efficiency and reliability across a variety of applications such as battery charging, photovoltaic inverters, motor drives, energy storage and power supplies. The CoolSiCTM portfolio ranges from SiC-based diodes and discrete MOSFETs to hybrid and full SiC modules.

As part of the cooperation between the two companies, available exclusively from Avnet and EBV is an entry-level evaluation board (EVAL-1ED3122MC12H-SiC) from Infineon that is designed to provide engineers and developers with a simple way to quickly try out the possibilities of the advanced CoolSiCTM technology. The board is ready for use to evaluate the performance of the 650V or 1200V CoolSiCTM MOSFETs, which will require soldering to the board depending on the user application. Extensive training programmes, for engineers designing power systems, are available within the framework of this cooperation.

Key features of the new Infineon board include the CoolSiCTM MOSFETs organised in a half-bridge configuration, along with onboard optimized 1ED-X3 family of single-channel galvanically isolated 10A gate drivers, and isolated power supply circuitry to provide the required voltages.

“The SiC market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 30 percent over the next 5 years. Infineon is dedicated to participating in this growth for SiC technology leveraging distribution channels that share the same ambition,” said PY Ferrard, Corporate Vice President Distribution & EMS at Infineon. “And we anticipate that EBV can be a cornerstone of our strategy to realise our goals for our CoolSiC portfolio, which provides designers with the ability to realise ever-lower costs and higher efficiency in power conversion systems in fast-growing markets and applications.”

“It speaks volumes that Infineon, a world leader in silicon carbide and power technologies, has chosen EBV as its first distributor to run a dedicated programme on CoolSiC technology,” said Thomas Staudinger, President at EBV Elektronik. “It is a clear demonstration of both our know-how and the global reach of Avnet in critically important power electronics applications.”

Learn more about EBV’s and Infineon’s joint CoolSiCTM initiative.

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