High performance “Letterbox” TFT transforms the instrument panel

London, UK, January 2017 - andersDX is transforming front panel design with a high performance 16:6 aspect ratio “letterbox” IPS TFT display allowing designers to revolutionise dashboards and instrument panel design.

The new andersDX letterbox display offers an outstanding IPS TFT screen in a unique form factor. It provides a high contrast image that can be easily viewed over a wide angle even in bright sunlight and unfavourable conditions. This is a very high performance display, with a contrast ratio of 800 and a surface luminance of 850 cd/m2.  Viewing angle is 85° x 85° x 85° x 85°, allowing it to be read from an almost side-on position. Its’ resolution is 1920 x 720 at a pixel pitch of 0.1521mm, which is equivalent to Full HD.

andersDX is offering the display with optional five-touch CTP (Capacitive Touch Panel), operating through a 1.80mm thick cover glass. The thickness can be increased to 6.00mm with single touch operation. For maximum optical clarity, the touch panel and cover glass can be optically bonded to the display.

Commenting, Paul Hooper, Display Group Manager at andersDX said, “We’re breaking the mould of display design with this innovative and unusual display. Most displays on the market are on 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios, which are a legacy of TVs and computer monitors and aren’t designed for the clear and effective presentation of information in a user interface. This display allows designers to create a very different front panel around an exceptionally clear, bright and easy to read display.”

Suitable for use in portrait or landscape mode, the display has a diagonal of 12.3” and is 335.8mm wide by 132.2mm high. Standard features include an LVDS interface, an anti-glare coating and an LED backlight with a rated life of 70,000 hours to half brightness. The wide operating temperature of -30 deg C to + 80 deg C is key for industrial, automotive and marine applications.

About andersDX
andersDX, a division of Anders Electronics plc, is a custom and semi-custom display specialist dedicated to making electronic systems easier and more enjoyable to use. Focussing on non-consumer electronic systems, it uses its expertise in display, embedded computing and touch control technology to help its customers differentiate their products through exceptional user interface design. andersDX integrates standard, tailored or custom products together to create a complete display based solutions appropriate to its customers’ needs, expectations, volume and budgets. Where appropriate, andersDX will design and implement a custom solution. andersDX has over 60 years of experience exceeding the expectations of blue chip customers across a wide range of sectors, unparalleled technological expertise, and an ingrained "people first" service orientation. For further information, please visit www.andersdx.com.