Avnet Abacus expands range of high-temperature and high-reliability capacitors from AVX and Panasonic

Increasing demands for high-reliability capacitors across range of markets addressed by new ceramic chips, tantalums and polymer-based devices now available from Avnet Abacus

Poing, Germany, July 16th, 2014: Avnet Abacus, one of Europe’s leading interconnect, passive, electro-mechanical and power distributors and a business unit of Avnet Electronics Marketing EMEA, a business region of Avnet, Inc. (NYSE: AVT), has expanded its extensive range of passive components with new high-temperature and high-reliability capacitors from AVX and Panasonic Europe. Targeting diverse applications in aerospace, defence, industrial and medical markets, the capacitors are designed to offer high-reliability operation in often-extreme environmental conditions.

Increasing levels of integration in aerospace and defence industries have led to electronic systems often being positioned in close proximity to heat sources such as automobile or aircraft engines, therefore demanding components that can operate above usually specified temperature limits. Maximum operating temperatures are also increasing significantly, in some cases beyond 200°C, particularly in applications such as automotive systems or down-hole drilling equipment. In addition, there is more and more demand for electronic systems that offer precision and stability at temperatures up to 175°C in industrial and medical fields.

To meet these demands, Avnet Abacus is now stocking a range of high-temperature capacitors from AVX such as multilayer ceramic (MLC) types including: X8R- dielectric devices that are rated to +150°C and are suited to automotive and industrial applications; and the stacked-MLC SMX and radial-leaded SXP high-temperature capacitors, both rated to +200°C and aimed at applications including aerospace and down-hole oil exploration, and also hybrid automotive in the case of the SXP series.

Also available are AVX tantalum capacitors such as: the THJ high-temperature devices, rated to 175°C and aimed at automotive and industrial applications; the low-ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) conductive polymer electrode TCH range, rated to +125°C and targeting aerospace and high-reliability applications; the hermetically sealed TWC range of wet-electrolytic tantalums suited for military applications; and the very-high-temperature hermetically sealed THH series, which is rated up to +230°C.

Another trend is the migration from traditional aluminium electrolytic capacitors to aluminium polymer devices. The OS-CON series from Panasonic, for example, is a solid aluminium capacitor with low ESR, excellent noise reduction capability and frequency characteristics across a wide temperature range. Constructed from solid conductive polymer electrolyte material, the device features an operating range from -55°Cto +105°Cand offers highly stability even at low temperatures.

Also available via Avnet Abacus is another polymer-based range from Panasonic  - the POSCAP™ low-profile solid-electrolytic chip capacitor with a sintered tantalum anode and a highly conductive polymer cathode. It has a low ESR and offers excellent performance at high frequency, as well as high capacitance, high heat resistance and high ripple current handling.


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